Need a Job? Think Product Marketing

Today, I am doing another simultaneous post on and, since this topic is likely of interest to the readers of both sites.

If you need a job-- think basic product marketing. What do I mean?



  • Packaging
  • Branding
  • Features and benefits
  • Value proposition
  • Promotion
  • Pricing

How are you packaged? In a job search, you image says quite a bit-- first impressions do matter. Dress appropriately and professionally-- people notice.

How are you branded? Will you be the costly luxury item or the useful addition that makes an impact? Do you fit the ideal the employer wants? Brand yourself as the solution to their problems.
What are your features and benefits? What do you offer and what can you do? Your features may be education and experience, but what probably matters most is what you can actually do and deliver.

What is your value proposition? Can you describe what they get for their investment of money in you? How much can you make or save for them and what will it cost them to buy those results?

How will you promote yourself? Resume, cover letter, advertisements?

How will you price yourself? Too low is no good, too high is no good either. Research or ask around about the going rates for your skills.

You need to sell yourself to get a job . . . do what marketers and advertisers do!

Good luck!

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