Are You Frugal or Convenience Loving?

Some people are frugal and some are convenience loving.  Remember, convenience costs money.

You are planning a backyard BBQ for a few friends and family-- Are you frugal or convenience loving?

Well, a backyard BBQ is a frugal move . . . if you plan it right.  On the other hand, it could be a convenience lover's non-frugal disaster.

Let's consider this closer, did you:

  • Make your own burgers or buy the pre-packaged ones?
  • Make ice and store it in your freezer or did you buy it at the convenience store?
  • Use home grown tomatoes and lettuce or did you pay top dollar?
  • Make your own homemade potato salad or buy it at the deli?
  • Make your own homemade lemonade or ice tea or buy it in containers?

Granted, some things need to be purchased, but many things can and should be homemade-- and better tasting for it!

As for the things you need to buy, planning ahead can allow you to get things on sale and with coupons-- saving you big bucks.  Once again, last minute and "convenience" is expensive.

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  • 4/26/2012 1:44 PM Shawanda wrote:
    I'd probably opt for quite a few convenience items if I'm gonna host a BBQ. There's already so much work involved. I'd be happy to save at least some money by grilling the food myself.
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