Just Say No!

To more reckless spending.  There are those who want you to start spending to "help" the economy-- including our government.  Frugal people just say, "No"!

When it comes to spending, if it won't:

  • Save me time or money
  • Make me money
  • Make my life dramatically easier
  • Make my me more productive

I don't want nor do I need it.

Always remember, money spent is 99 times out of 100 gone.  Did you get your money's worth?  Really?

You should always try to get things used or on sale or deep discount-- why pay more than you have to pay?

Many times the answer to a purchase decision is "No!"

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  • 8/28/2009 12:48 PM Frugal Living Freedom wrote:
    There's a good philosophy when it comes to making purchases. Perhaps more of us should apply it. "I'm all right without it."

    If we kept our nose to the grindstone instead of paying so much attention to corporate media, then we'd find fewer reasons to be dissatisfied with our lives, and we'd make far fewer excuses for unnecessary purchases designed to alleviate the artificial dissatisfaction that advertising induces.

    I don't have a blue tooth, blue ray, blackberry, camera cell phone, car with a GPS, or I-pod, and I just can't see how my life would be improved if I did.

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    1. 8/28/2009 8:27 PM DDFD wrote:
      I have a Bluetooth and a GPS, but I am in the car several hours per day.  Handheld cell phones while driving are illegal in this state and bordering states, but you wouldn't know it driving around here.

      As for the camera on my phone-- it is something I didn't want and hate having (they all seem to be built in these days).  When you go to divorce court you have to leave the phone in your car . . . a real pain.

      All that aside, half the crap we have today, we did without yesterday.

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