Another Look: What If We Had Less, But Better?

This is a follow-up post to, Simple Living—What if You Had Less, But Better?   I got thinking about this again because of a post on, Sorta Frugal

While my site is about frugal living, it is also about quality living . . . So what if you had less of certain things, but better quality things?

Let's use food and drink as an example:

  • What if you ate less meat, but better cuts?  They say you should eat less red meat-- right?  Why not the occasional fillet mignon or sirloin?
  • What about coffee?  Less, but better?  One step further-- homemade, but better fresh ground.  You can set it up the night before with most coffee makers.
  • How about liquor?  $10 or $20 bottles of wine as opposed to $5 bottles . . . just fewer.  I am a big premium beer fan-- I just don't drink that much of it.  My view is why drink crap?
  • Here's one for you . . . dessert.  Dessert is a luxury, an indulgence.  Why eat crap?  Eat better ice cream or chocolate-- just eat less of it.  Your waistline will appreciate your moderation.

I think you get the idea . . .  you can apply this to many things in life.

I believe it was Mies van der Rohe who said, "Less is More."

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