Play Games, Get Things Done

Yes, play games to get things done.  This is a trick I have used the better part of my life-- I play mental games to get motivated, to raise the bar, and to make things happen the right way.  Here are some of the games I play:

  • Just one more . . . With phone calls or work activities, just one more can make a big difference
  • How many can I do . . . Logs can I split, push-ups can I do, or other "to-do" list items?  How many compared to last time?
  • Round up bills . . . $35 monthly payment?  Make it $40 or $50-- pay less interest and get it paid off faster!
  • Grades as playing cards . . .  In grad school, I used to think of my report card as a poker hand-- I always fought for aces . . .

"Gaming" things can help you-- set low targets (small successes lead to bigger successes), exceed them, reset them higher . . .


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